Time Constraints and Limitations


The Masterí»s curriculum is a three academic year program.  Student may elect to engage in part-time studies, pending the approval of the administration. 

This study plan will be designed to ensure that the program of study can be completed within the desired time period. The program should finish no longer then 6 years.

After 6 years, if student didn't finish program, no fees will refundable.


Payment of Tuition and Fees


Students should be prepared to pay one third (1/3) of tuition and all fees at registration.

Students, who do not pay in full or complete their installment contracts are ineligible to register for the following term, or graduate.    


Academic Regulations


Students must observe the applicable rules and regulations of the Academy.

Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.


 Student Conduct:

After a review by the board of directors, a student may be dismissed for failure to follow the Academy regulations or for disrespectful behavior to a student, administrator, and faculty member or clinic patient.